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Carl Oscar


Carl Oscar is more than anything a story about growing up. From the very first picnic in the backyard to the summer

hike with your grandchildren and everything in between.

All our products are inspired by real life and real people. It started with a smart squeeze-proof juice box holder after

our oldest son was sitting in his car seat spilling juice all over the car.

As our family grew so did our company. And today Carl Oscar provides active families all over the world with BPAfree,

non-toxic, quality bottles, lunch boxes and vacuum products for a life on the go. No matter when or where you

are, Carl Oscar is there with you.

Born and raised in Sweden, Carl Oscar has always had a strong relation with nature. We always use as

environmentally friendly and durable materials as possible and take great pride in our products’ long service life.

Carl Oscar offers better alternatives to disposable items and together we can reduce unnecessary food waste.

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