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Live your kitchen light-hearted,
choose the Guardini quality.

With Guardini, cooking tastes brand new.
In 70 years, the craft workshop has become a leading company which has transformed the world of oven moulds, thanks to its light and cutting-edge products. A unique way of living your kitchen light-hearted and having fun.


Thanks to the thickness of the moulds, everything becomes easy. The Hi-Top steel of the products is the perfect ally for those who are willing to live their kitchen in a simple and light-hearted way, with the promise of obtaining quality results.

In fact, during baking, low thickness moulds are required to allow the mixture being cooked (whether sweet or salty) to stay in almost direct contact with the heat generated inside the oven. Only in this way cooking can be homogeneous and uniform. Guardini moulds, made with a special low-thickness steel, create a minimum barrier and are therefore designed to guarantee perfect baking.

Guardini can print your logo or graphic on your choice of mold for your branding need.

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